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Due to demand and limited space for each class, membership will be offered on first-come first-serve basis pending availability.

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Our facilities consists of:

  • Over 5000 sq. feet of training area
  • High energy fitness atmospheres
  • Serial and parallel classes
  • Equipment & refreshment store
  • High quality training equipment
  • Professional changing & washrooms
  • Parent observation areas

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Class Offerings:

This class consists of authentic modern & traditional Wushu training. Wushu, also known as kung-fu or chinese martial arts, is one of the most demanding martial arts and has found a place in current mainstream movies. Wushu is a high cardio workout with extreme emphasis on stretching & body conditioning. Training is compared to gymnastics as sequences of basic skills & combos are taught as with various techniques in aerial & ground movements. International competition routines (govern by the IWuF) are also practiced including empty-hand & weapon-play often performed individually. Wushu remains to be identified as the most visually graceful yet powerful martial art for all ages.
Tae Kwon Do
Taekwondo is a Korean martial art signaturized by its accurately swift kicking and punching techniques. Taekwondo classes consists of both offensive & defensive techinques, also jumping, blocking, and sparring. Taekwondo also shares ideology from Chinese philsophy and history. The physical training and mastery of the techniques brings confidence in oneself and is often coupled with understanding of the deep philosophical and cultural significance of its practice.
San Shou (Chinese Sparring)
This class teaches direct, practical martial art applications in real-world and competition. Practiced by both men and women, San Shou is soley a hand-to-hand style strengthing the body and coordinate key movements which complements greatly with contemporary wushu training. Students learn a variety of offensive, defensive technqiues with much emphasis in bracing, striking, dodging, blocking, sweeping, falling, throwing, counter-defensive/offensive movements also pressure points and joint-locking are detailed. Protective gearing is worn when practicing though the San Shou competition system of fighting where official rules and regulations will be instructed.
Tai Ji Quan
A very popular class practiced by both young and old, Tai Chi is considered to be an intergal style of Wushu. Translated, Tai Chi literaly means "Ultimate Fist" which is properly named for its superior uses and benefits. Tai Chi is founded on balancing energy or life-force by feeding or directing it through one's system. Practitioners may also find that Tai Chi is a fighting style, powerfull as it is graceful. It is said that a practitioner can obtain a level where one can predict and control an opponent's movement by merging engergies or 'chi'. This class helps students develop and enhance that ability as well teaches the applications in terms of combat and in health.
Lion & Dragon Dancing
Considered a very traditional art form in China, Lion dancing & Dragon dancing ultimately brings excitment and good luck! Rooted deeply in Chinese history the activity has become a modern sport with National Lion/Dragon Teams around the world. Routines are learned and performed as difficulty increases with skill. A multitude of techniques will be taught such as Lion & Dragon techinques, Dancing on 12 foot poles, Druming & other percussion, International competition routines and more! 

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Qi gong
Qi Gong is the skill of attracting vital energy. Considered to be a very popular practice of alternative medicine, Qi Gong is a way of breathing in new life & clearing one's mind and body into a state of pure relaxation and healing. This class is recommended for all in need to reduce stress, tension, blood pressure, health risks, while inducing health benefits such as strengthing one's mind, organs, immune system, and cardiovascular system. This class consists of breathing excerises & techniques, theraputic positions, thought processing, stretching, done mostly in one spot.
Workshops & Seminars
We often hold special workshops & seminars for members and non-members at the centre. Special guest instructors have included:

  • Grand Master Pan Qing Fu - Mantis Workshop - One of the most famous actor/martial artist
  • Master Li Bing - Tongbei Workshop - China's Shaolin Warrior Monks Head Coach
  • Master Guo Sheng - Wire Stunt Workshop - Assistant Stunt Coordinator of "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"

  • Note: All memberships please apply ahead and check current workshop and seminar schedules. Spaces are limited. For non-memberships, please call for workshop fees.