Open in Burlington, ON!

1400 Plains Road East Unit 208 (Inside No Excuse Fitness Building)

Tel: 289-439-4953

Email: (Head Master Rick Sue)


Due to demand and limited space for each class, membership will be offered on first-come first-serve basis pending availability.

Currently Accepting

Note: Memberships peak highest in the summer & winter seasons. Please apply ahead.

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Feel free to come visit us during any of our training times.

Our facilities consists of:

  • Over 5000 sq. feet of training area
  • High energy fitness atmospheres
  • Serial and parallel classes
  • Equipment & refreshment store
  • High quality training equipment
  • Professional changing & washrooms
  • Parent observation areas

    and much more!

If you would like to arrange an appointment or answer any of your questions please contact us!

About Us

Welcome to the Wushu Tae Kwon Do Centre
This centre is dedicated to the practice, promotion, and quality of the two unique Chinese & Korean martial arts - Wushu & Taekwondo. This prestigous school of fitness and education is one of Canada's unique physical and cultural institutions bringing together many talented martial art students & masters. We focus on getting children & parents involved in the practice of a healthy lifestyle with guaranteed results. Our classes are designed to efficently give you quicker results & top performance as you step on the training area - after school or after work. Whether you are a seasoned martial artist or someone ready to take on yourself a fresh new challenge, the Wushu Taekwondo Centre welcomes you!

The Fitness Centre for the Martial Arts
Not only can one membership access any training equipment*, members will have access to any class with that same membership!* To broaden the experience at the Wushu Taekwondo Centre all memberships will be given unique access to any of the classes (* level permitted) so members can train in multiple styles as much as one's body can take!

World Class Instruction
All instructors teaching at the Wushu Taekwondo Centre are certified instructors for their individual martial art style i.e. Certified Wushu instructors for Wushu classes and Certified Taekwondo instructors for Taekwondo classes. For members who are just starting out here at the Wushu Taekwondo Centre all our classes are separated into basic, intermediate and advanced levels with both men and women instructors. In addition to be a martial arts fitness centre we also provide internationally recognized certification for competitive athletes.